Elevate Your Wedding Story with A Day Before Photoshoot

JUNE 2023

Marissa + Micah

Dallas, TX

Planning a wedding involves numerous decisions, from choosing the perfect dress to selecting your dream venue. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the importance of capturing those special moments that come before the actual wedding day. That’s where a day-before photoshoot with your editorial wedding photographer (like me!) comes into play. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of investing in a day before photoshoot, whether it’s a bridal session, a photoshoot before the rehearsal dinner, or rehearsal dinner coverage. Discover how these unique opportunities can elevate your wedding photography and create lasting memories.

Capturing the essence of your bridal beauty

A day before photoshoot allows you to showcase your bridal attire in a relaxed and intimate setting. Whether it’s a bridal session or a photoshoot before the rehearsal dinner, you can take advantage of this dedicated time to focus solely on capturing stunning images of you in your wedding attire or even a new outfit! By working with an editorial wedding photographer, who specializes in having a creative and artistic approach, you can expect magazine-worthy photos that highlight your beauty and elegance. These images can be treasured for a lifetime, serving as a testament to the excitement and anticipation leading up to your wedding day.

Establishing a rapport with your photographer

Investing in a day before photoshoot provides a valuable opportunity to build a strong rapport with your wedding photographer. This pre-wedding session allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera, familiarize yourself with your photographer’s shooting style, and communicate your preferences. By establishing this connection early on, you can ensure a smoother experience on your wedding day, as you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, your photographer will have a deeper understanding of your personality, enabling them to capture your unique essence more authentically.

Expanding your wedding album

While your wedding day will be filled with cherished memories, the limited time available for photography may make it challenging to capture every desired moment. With a day before photoshoot, you can extend the coverage and expand your wedding album. Whether it’s documenting the joyful moments during your rehearsal dinner or capturing additional intimate shots during a bridal session, this dedicated time with your editorial wedding photographer ensures that no beautiful moment goes unnoticed. Your wedding album will become a comprehensive collection, allowing you to relive not just the wedding day itself, but also the anticipation and excitement leading up to it.

Enhancing the Editorial Aesthetic

If you’re drawn to the artistic and editorial style of wedding photography, a day before photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to bring your vision to life. Editorial wedding photographers intend to capture images that tell a story and evoke emotions. By investing in a pre-wedding session, you can work closely with your photographer to curate a collection of images that reflect your desired aesthetic. Whether it’s utilizing unique locations, incorporating props, or experimenting with creative lighting techniques, the day before photoshoot allows for greater artistic freedom, resulting in breathtaking images that embody the editorial essence.

Investing in a day before photoshoot with an editorial wedding photographer can elevate your wedding photography to new heights. From capturing your bridal beauty to expanding your wedding album and enhancing the editorial aesthetic, this pre-wedding session offers numerous benefits. It not only allows you to create lasting memories but also establishes a rapport with your photographer, ensuring a smoother experience on your wedding day. So, consider incorporating a day before photoshoot into your wedding plans and discover the magic of capturing those special moments leading up to your big day.




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