JUNE 2023

Ellen + Michael

Los Angeles, CA

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I have had the honor of capturing numerous love stories against the backdrop of this vibrant city. This month, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful intimate backyard wedding of Ellen and Michael. This delightful couple, who met in Indiana and ventured to Los Angeles nine years ago, created an intimate celebration that began at the iconic Hollywood Sign and culminated in a joyous ceremony overlooking the city. Surrounded by their loved ones, Ellen and Michael toasted their love with rosé then enjoyed a hot pink tres leches cake, which created timeless memories for me to capture!

A breathtaking start

Hollywood sign photoshoot

Our day started with a picturesque photoshoot at the Hollywood Sign. This was actually the closest I’ve ever been to this iconic site, so that was super cool! As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I reveled in the opportunity to capture Ellen and Michael’s love against the backdrop of their dreams coming true. The genuine joy radiating from their smiles mirrored the immense happiness they felt standing before this symbol of aspirations realized. These stunning pre-wedding photos beautifully encapsulated the essence of their love story against the backdrop of their beloved Los Angeles.

Discovering tranquility in East Hollywood

Next, we ventured to the quaint East Hollywood home of their friend, Misha, which served as the idyllic venue for their intimate ceremony. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, this charming abode offered a serene oasis for Ellen and Michael’s celebration of love. Nestled amidst the captivating views of the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory, their backyard provided a breathtaking setting for their heartfelt ceremony.

A Heartwarming and Intimate Affair

Ellen and Michael’s ceremony exuded profound intimacy, surrounded by their closest family members, who had been their unwavering pillars of support. The backyard transformed into an enchanting haven of love, enhanced by delicate floral arrangements that perfectly harmonized with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I captured every moment, witnessing the genuine emotions emanating from Ellen and Michael. Their eyes locked, brimming with excitement, nervousness, and deep affection as they exchanged their heartfelt vows. The tangible intimacy in the air was almost palpable, witnessed only by their loved ones and the golden rays of the sun, painting a perfect picture of their love story.

Toasting to everlasting love and happiness

Following the ceremony, Ellen and Michael celebrated their union with a joyous toast, clinking glasses filled with rosé. Laughter filled the air as they shared their happiness with their nearest and dearest. The pure bliss etched on their faces was a testament to the love they had found and nurtured throughout their journey. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, it is always an honor to capture these moments of unadulterated joy!

Indulging in Sweet Delights

To conclude their enchanting backyard elopement, Ellen and Michael shared a delightful moment cutting into a vibrant hot pink tres leches cake. This delectable treat perfectly mirrored their vibrant personalities and symbolized the sweet essence of their love. Michael and Ellen definitely focused on incorporating a contemporary flair to their day, so this cake served as a delicious reminder of their unique love story.

Preserving timeless memories

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, it was a privilege to capture the essence of Ellen and Michael’s backyard elopement. From the breathtaking Hollywood Sign to the intimate ceremony and the joyous celebrations, each moment was infused with love and authenticity. These photographs would forever serve as tangible memories, transporting them back to this magical day and evoking the same emotions they experienced as they embarked on their new chapter together.

Ellen and Michael’s backyard elopement showcased the power of love and the beauty found in simplicity. Against the enchanting backdrop of Los Angeles, from the iconic Hollywood Sign to the serene backyard overlooking the city, every detail reflected their unique love story. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, it was a remarkable experience to witness their joy and capture the raw emotions that unfolded throughout the day. These images encapsulate the essence of their celebration, preserving memories that will forever evoke the enchantment of their Los Angeles love story.



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